Composite Towers

- Jun 13, 2017 -

China Report network in the "China composites market depth research and development Trends report (2013-2017)" mentioned, after 2009, the National Network of Electric Power Science research Institute, China Electric Power Science Research Institute and some private enterprises such as Jiangsu God Horse and other companies have developed composite materials Tower preparation technology research, some units have been in the pilot project using composite materials towers and transverse products, such as Jiangsu Lianyungang power supply Company 220kV Mao Line reconstruction project, Beijing Power company West Lake 110kV transmission line project, etc. [9, 20-21].

2009 Beijing Yanqing West Lake 110kV Composite Tower Pilot project, a total of 3 base 110kV single rod double back linear composite towers, high 24m, total high. 8m. Composite cross-shouldered silicone rubber umbrella skirt, the insulation creepage distance is ensured, and the insulator string with transverse conductor is canceled. In addition, the composite material used in the project is filled with high pressure foam inside the hollow pipe, which has the essential difference with the traditional solid rod of composite insulator, and enhances the transverse mechanical strength.

Beijing Fangshan Dragon Lake 10kV composite material Tower pilot project, 2010 erected 3 base 10kV single back straight line full composite insulation rod, Tower High Ten. 6m, the quality of about 300kg, the erection of wire Jak-lyj 185 four stalls, each stall from 50m. The composite pole adopts the metric cone structure, and the rod body is wound formed by epoxy resin matrix composite. When the conductor is erected, the insulator is not used, and the conductor is directly contacted with the transverse bear without removing the insulating skin of the connecting part, the construction is convenient, and avoids the occurrence of the possibility of damaging the wire by removing the insulating skin, which reduces the difficulty of construction.

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