Making technology of cement pole

- Jun 13, 2017 -


Steel bar processing and cage making: cold drawing, cutting, bending and lashing of steel bars

Concrete batching and stirring system: concrete batching and stirring

Pole forming: centrifugal hair forming round pole (need centrifuge, mold and cloth machine, etc.), or vibration forming other type of pole (need cloth machine, shaking table, mold and other equipment)

Steam curing: New forming pole with static stop for a period of time, into the steam curing room, maintenance for several hours

Demoulding and maintenance: The pole belt mold the maintenance room, the demoulding, the mold, the demoulding pole continues to moisturize or soaks the water to maintain for some time

Mold investment is larger, the production efficiency depends on the die turnover.

The production of cement poles is in a certain rotational speed (producing enough centrifugal force, so that the cement material to form the middle of the empty telegraph pole) in the steel mold with steam conservation. The steel die is a two-half die synthesized to feed and remove the finished product. Therefore, before the forming needs of the Telegraph pole Steel skeleton (steel cage) production and proportional requirements of the cement slurry (cement + gravel + sand + water) mixing, so its production principle is simple, but need a certain number of lifting equipment, venues and certain mechanical equipment.

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