The main force of future lighting industry development: LED and OLED

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The global LED and OLED market is now more than $5 billion trillion, according to SBI SpecialistsinbusingatiOn, the market research agency, and the US accounts for $1 billion in market value. This is more than 50% the growth of 2007. SBI further estimates that the 2013 global led and OLED market will be up to $14 billion trillion, while the United States can reach a market size of $3 billion.

Why LED and OLED technology, can become the future growth potential of one of the best industries? Because the world's current efforts on the green energy industry are much more than ever before. This is thanks to the rising price of oil and other resources in the first half of 2008, as well as the enormous impact of global climate change on humanity.

LEDs are more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs in switching energy. In general, led conversion efficiency of 80%, and incandescent only 20%. For example: the use of LED traffic number log is compared to the use of incandescent light traffic, can reduce the energy use of 92%.

In the long run, the more of the LED or OLED application market, many parts of the world will no longer need to build too many power plants, even if the global population is increasing and the demand for electricity is higher. Because LED and OLED will be able to reduce the power of everyone and even users, so once the higher the penetration of LED lighting, the existing power plants are sufficient to meet demand.

However, SBI also warns that even though the benefits of LEDs and OLED are so much, it will take time to reduce costs.

So at present, one of the key obstacles to the popularization of LED and OLED is cost. Once prices fall fast, perhaps the market size of LEDs and OLEDs will be much more widespread.

Taiwan is now actively working to create the LED market. The Energy Bureau of the Department of Economy has set up the NT $2 to $300 million budget, and the LED Street lamp replacement plan will be launched after the LED street light standard is fixed. According to Ledinside estimates, Taiwan led overall market will have 40.05 trillion yuan scale business opportunities.

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