What are the characteristics of AC UHV line towers?

- Jun 13, 2017 -

One is the height. As the minimum distance of the line is up to 26 meters, insulator string length is generally more than 10 meters, consider a certain sag, the level of the UHV line of the tower of the call is generally more than 50 meters high, triangular arrangement of UHV line towers call higher than 60 meters, the same rod and frame line tower generally more than 80 meters.

The second is the strength. The strength of the tower is mainly determined by the use of stress and tower height. Because of the use of eight split wire, wire height is relatively high, the tower's use stress more than 500,000 kv towers twice times, the height of about twice times, so UHV AC line tower main material and base strength for conventional 500,000 kv line towers more than four times times. The use of pipe, high-strength steel, high-strength bolts and other technical measures will be studied.

Three is the root open big. In order to optimize the design, save the tower material, the appropriate amplification rod Tagan Open, the General bar Tagan Open about 15 X 15 m level.

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