2018 Tibet-China Network Project In Zangzhong

- Aug 10, 2017 -

This trip to the power of the tower through the road Jinsha River side, one side is the mountains, one side is the cliff. But for this trip, it is only "appetizer". After the country to go through the national road 318 on the most dangerous sections, Zhaoba Mountain, and the highest elevation of the East Hill.

Most of the tower in the power grid project, not in the cliffs, that is, in the fragile ecological areas,which is a test of the wisdom of the builders and environmental awareness.

Yunnan tea horse on the road of the mule team, the builders were invited to the plateau, the slope is too slow to build cable, tower material transport last mile, they have to rely on their full of energy.

It is understood that the Tibet Network Project was completed and put into operation in 2018, at that time, these all the way from all over the country came to Tibet, the tower will be sent to the Tibetan people's home, they will stand from the average elevation of 4000 Meters above the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, to show the world the height of China.

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