China's Light Pole Enterprises In The Fierce Market Competition In All Directions To Play A Huge Potential

- Sep 07, 2017 -

China's light pole enterprises in the fierce market competition in all directions to play a huge potential


With the light pole enterprise market competition space and the scope of the further expansion of enterprise information as how to effectively use and manage the overall management of enterprise management ideas followed. The use of ERP computer network system for enterprise logistics, capital flow, information flow for integrated management, the core is to achieve the "supply chain" management.


At present, many small and medium enterprises lT technical strength, but the enterprise is still fully consider the introduction of ERP systems, from the management of efficiency. This is due to the ERP system in addition to manufacturing, finance, sales and other functions, but also increased the human resources, after-sales service and quality feedback, equipment management, decision support, etc., real-time accurate grasp of the pulse of market demand and other functions to support enterprise group , Cross-border operation, its main purpose is to fully allocate and balance the resources of all aspects of the enterprise, suitable for global economic integration, customer demand diversification, product production cycle shortened, the market competition such an environment, so that enterprises in the Fierce competition in the market in all directions to play the potential of enterprises, so that enterprises achieve better economic benefits.


From the characteristics of technology development, the performance of the integration of technology, the advanced technology of enterprises into their own enterprise technology to enhance the product development characteristics, from the low-end products to the high-end products 8.8 high-strength fastener interface integrated. From the enterprise management point of view, the quality of work, product quality, production management, production progress gradually into the network process.


Service, the current number of light pole enterprises, enterprises considered from the market research, product development or improvement, manufacturing, sales, after-sales service until the recovery of the whole process, involving the entire product life cycle, reflecting the full range of Customer service, the spirit of social services. With the advent of the global economy, the "world factory" of China's light pole enterprises are or are ready to be transformed into a sense of "service industry" and "information industry".

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