How To Choose Towers?

- Jun 13, 2017 -

When choosing the tower type, we should compare the related various types under the precondition of satisfying the technical performance, so that the scheme is close to the best and reasonable in economy.

(1) Comparison of prestressed reinforced concrete poles with towers. The former is simple in structure, standardized in manufacturing, and simple in design and construction. But it is cumbersome, transport and heavy workload, loading and unloading method is prone to cracks, to the operation of the defects. Because of the limitation of its strength, when used as a corner rod all need pull line, occupy space, ground and affect tillage.

(2) Comparison between single and double poles. Single-lever structure is simple, construction is convenient. For the 110KV and below grade line, when the strength meets the requirement and selects the single pole, can save the material and the investment. Single Rod line distance is small, the line occupies the corridor is relatively narrow. But the wire is not ideal, the electric maintenance is inconvenient, the vertical distance between lines and the horizontal shift is difficult to guarantee when the wire is arranged, and the jumper is easy to cause flashover when the conductor is covered with ice, so the use is limited.

(3) There is a cable tower and no guyed tower comparison. In general, the use of the line to make the tower's bending moment greatly reduced, on the basis of stability is extremely advantageous (under pressure only), saving building materials and investment. However, the use of pull wire also brings insufficient, such as pulling the floor to occupy larger, to influence the mechanical; the installation of the pull wire must enlarge the distance between the lines to keep enough space safe distance for the Traverse; the line is easy to loosen, corrode, replace and adjust to increase the maintenance workload, maintenance work is not timely accident, so that the reliability of the operation is affected.

(4) The horizontal arrangement of conductors is compared with that of triangles. When the traverse is arranged horizontally (the concrete pole is a double pole), the conductor is hung on both sides of the tower and in the center position, and the load of the tower is close to symmetrical equilibrium and the bending deformation is small. Set this way

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