LED Street Light Pole Installation Procedure

- Apr 25, 2018 -

There are five installation procedures of LED street lamp pole for your reference.

1, Subgrade Excavation

Firstly, we contact with the departments of the pipeline to understand the approximate distribution of underground cables, and knowing the detailed division of underground pipelines through excavation channels. To dig in order and digging a rainy day temporary drains. Excavation should be measured with guidance, do not over break or under break.

2, Foundation earthwork Excavation

Excavation of deep, long and wide earthwork of foundation pit with excavator,then manually follow the diagram size to trim the design elevation. If there is an over excavation, we should be graded crushed stone or sand backfill to design value. Do not use abandoned soil in situ backfill.

3, Installation of Steel Bar and Embedded Parts

Install rebar according to specifications: Skeleton size, spacing, verticality, protection settings, position of the preset parts and reinforcement of the acceptance standard.

4, Concrete Pouring

The concrete pouring should be symmetrical and stratified, and the thickness should be controlled within 2530cm by inserting type vibrator. Mastering the initial coagulation time of concrete and ensuring the quality of concrete interface. Heightening concrete and no boiling while pouring middle hanger formwork. After the concrete strength reaches 2.5MPa, moisturizing and insulation for 7 days.

LED Street Light Pole Installation Procedure

5,Base Backfill

This is the last process of street light pole installation procedure. When the foundation concrete reaches the design strength of more than 75%, we can back-filling in layers and compact the concrete with battering ram On the basis of not destroying the finished product.

6, Cleaning the basic embedded parts of the wire buckle tape, install led street light pole. Use a crane, a special lock buckle (Non-slip, firm, easy to remove from the loose), rope to control the lifting point (1/3 Poles High). Leveling with dry rigid mortar or thin plate and spotting with the vertical ball method, immediately install the anchor screws after the attention.

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