Lighting Pole Design Development

- Nov 09, 2017 -

lighting pole design development

With the deepening of the concept of green environment, those who have less power consumption, easy installation and other advantages of energy-saving lighting will be more and more popular, after all, the light source is the lighting core, which saves up to 85% energy than traditional incandescent, distributed Is a stable, warm, high-quality light source, with no delay of light, no heat, no mercury or other toxic substances, the service life of over 10,000 hours, the future will bring many new possibilities for home decoration.

In addition to hanging a number of circular panels, large products like chandeliers, but also released on the wooden base with a rectangular panel lamp, arranged in a glass container with a circular panel of the key lighting and so on. This year there is not much movement, so the future trends of various related businesses in particular deserves attention.


At the same time, interior lighting design today has changed from focusing on single light sources to pursuing multiple light sources in the past. The biggest change in future light design will be the diversification of light sources. As a result, people's needs have undergone fundamental changes. Second, designers have realized the changes in people's needs and begun to pay attention to the impact of lighting design on people's lives.

The main light source to provide ambient lighting so that the indoor uniform illumination, and show lights, lamps, etc. to provide the key lighting or local lighting, then enriched the level of space lighting. The combination of multiple light sources enables space lighting to create a graceful space atmosphere. In the era of single light, the living room and bedroom are often dominated by a single lamp, and now, multi-light source design has taken into account the lighting needs of each user and every life situation.

Nowadays, many families pay attention to the family atmosphere, find ways to create the atmosphere of furniture, make their own more warm, they will pick some beautifully designed furniture lighting, so as a manufacturer, we must continue to move in this direction , To meet people's needs, which may become a hot lighting market.

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