Promote The Spirit Of Craftsmen, Consolidate The Skills Of Strong Enterprises

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Jiangsu Mingyuan Tower company combined with the actual production, careful organization of welder to carry out job skills training, and actively for the national network welding and welding workers to create conditions for renewal.

At the invitation of the Shandong Electric Works Electric Group, the Jiangsu Mingyuan Tower Company will organize the welder to participate in the steel structure welding skill competition. At the same time, the Jiangsu Mingyuan Tower of the welders vocational qualification forensic review work has also begun. In order to ensure the smooth development of the above two tasks, Deputy General Manager Gao Wenyuan and other leaders to give high priority, specifically held a special meeting, asked to restore the tower tower plant welding process training room, and personally arranged, implemented, supervision, tracking.

In order to ensure the steady improvement of welding skills and excellent achievements in the competition, the company set up to Gao Wenyuan as head, Li Dan, Wang Qiang as deputy head, the other six comrades for the team members of the welding skills appraisal leading group, specifically responsible for entry, training, Assessment, selection, competition and other work. All the welders inside the company also formed a strong "science and technology, practice skills, strong quality, fight the first" good atmosphere.

Quality inspection center, equipment, technology and tube tower plant to coordinate each other, in close cooperation. They cultivate welding skills from personnel, improve product quality and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises for the purpose of two competitions, a forensic as an opportunity to vigorously enhance corporate image, strengthen the post training, motivate staff to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen. In order to protect the welding training has a good working environment and atmosphere, the welder training room re-layout, decoration and tooling layout. And to "enhance the quality, striving for success, improve skills" for the purpose of the welders to build a mutual learning, job training platform to achieve a comprehensive increase in the level of welding skills.

After careful organization of the leading group, the welding training room has been put into use, the welding operation skills are practicing in full swing. The players were concentrating on each of the welding operations sparks scattered, foreign aid welding teacher on-site guidance and comments on the defects of the workpiece to correct. All training theory combined with practice, guided by the instructor for all knowledge of welding points listed practice outline, and lists the practice papers, to strengthen the staff of the theory and practice training.

Through the welder skills competition, both the welder skills of a show, but also the actual level of staff a comprehensive test, but also inspired all the staff based on the post, improve the skills of great enthusiasm. And to improve the collective sense of honor, enhance the corporate image of a great help.

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