Sample Legislation: Camouflaging Telecommunications Towers

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Camouflaged tree, also called camouflaged tree tower, camouflaged telecommunication tower, which belongs to the communication tower field. It is in harmony with the surrounding natural environment and deals with the problem of being hard to build site. The feature of the tower is keep all the advantages of the original single tower and make a major breakthrough in its appearance. Take the pine tree, the camphor tree etc. as model, design the sketch and computer effect picture, formulate the sculpture and spray process. This kind of disguised tree tower makes people not notice the existence of the tower and get into the surrounding natural environment.

There are many different kinds of bionic tree, pine tree, coconut tree, palm tree and so on. They are built in the parkland. 

1, delicate and vivid structure, beautiful appearance. 

2, strong structural stability.  

3, small occupied area and remarkable economic effect. 

4, long servicing life and lasting appearance effect. 


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