The State Grid Has Let You Smoke A Little Haze, You Know?

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Speaking of smog, the National Grid is a master of fog and haze, don't you believe? Then listen to small e to you slowly way ~

That's how the grid eliminates haze.

Method 1: To reduce air pollution and haze by transporting clean energy through trans-regional provinces, where electricity can be used to reduce electricity and coal consumption;

Method 2: To reduce air pollution and haze by using clean energy such as wind power, photovoltaic power and hydropower in place.

Method 3: To reduce air pollution and haze through power generation trading, allowing low-power generating units to generate more power and less power generation or no power generation.

So how much haze has been eliminated by the three methods mentioned above? Small e gets such a set of data: In 2014, the National Grid total elimination of clean energy generation 921.8 Billion-kilowatt, replace the standard coal 300 million tons, carbon dioxide emissions 740 million tons, which is equivalent to each Chinese less breathing carbon dioxide 0.54 tons.

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