What’s At Stake In The Looming US China Trade War: The Full List

- May 03, 2018 -

The US and China are not in a trade war yet, but both sides have fired opening shots and issued warnings about an escalation of hostilities. The Trump administration began the latest round of tariff increases in January, hitting solar panels and dishwashers, and followed up with steel and aluminium in March. The stakes were raised dramatically this month, when the US set out planned tariffs on more than $45bn of imports from China, and China issued its own list for possible retaliation. President Trump counter-attacked, saying that "in light of China’s unfair retaliation," he had instructed the US trade representative to "consider whether $100bn of additional tariffs would be appropriate", and to identify which products should be affected.

For now both the US and Chinese tariff proposals are merely threats, but businesses say they could do significant damage to sales, investment and jobs if they are imposed. Businesses are hoping the two countries can reach a compromise to avert a fully-fledged trade war.

Below is a comprehensive list of the tariffs — ranked by the dollar value of trades that will be covered — imposed by the US and China already, and the measures they have threatened for the future.

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