Working Principle Of Solar Street Lamp

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Solar cell peak power is the standard condition of the solar cell output maximum power, Unit peak tile, or with the symbol WP indicated. The output power of solar cells depends on solar radiation, sunlight distribution and operating temperature of solar cells. At different times, different locations, the same solar cell output power is different, not to some people imagine, as long as the sun will beat each other rated output power, set artificial solar cells in the light of the normal use of the page.

According to the area calculation, the output power of the solar cell per square meter is about 120W, and the output power increases correspondingly with the improvement of the conversion efficiency. The selection of the output power of solar modules depends on the light source power, the time of use and the local climatic and geographic conditions. Solar cell components in the use of the process, if there is a solar cell alone blocked by the leaves for a long time, the blocked single solar cells in the strong sunlight will heat and damage, and even cause the entire solar cell component damage, this is called the heat island effect. In order to prevent the heat island effect, it is generally to tilt the solar cell, so that the surface of solar cells can not be attached to the shelter.

For any solar lighting system, the charge-discharge control circuit will directly affect the success or failure of the system application. Because the energy of solar photovoltaic power system input is very unstable, the control of battery charging in photovoltaic power system is more complicated than that of ordinary battery charging controller. A good sex. Photovoltaic cell controller should have control of battery charge and discharge, temperature regulation, maximum power tracking and overcharge protection, over-release protection, short-circuit protection, reverse protection and other protection functions, as well as automatic switch and time adjustment functions. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the system, at the same time, the solar module can be used to output the maximum power under different temperature and irradiation, so that the illumination system has high efficiency.

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